Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It is good to laugh...

I just have to share because my sister is so funny and I really needed a good laugh.
My oldest is on the golf team and they have been golfing a lot. I tease her and tell her how I wish I could have retired at 16 to golf everyday. She gets to miss school and visit golf courses all over New Mexico and even Texas. This is the result.(see funny tan line). So I sent this picture to my family letting them know how good it is to be on the school golf team and my little sister emails me this without any message or comment. Like one is needed. Ha, ha!
Thanks for laugh Sis. I will start saving my money. I think it will make a great birthday present.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Officially the Nerdiest Parents in Alamo

Since moving to a small town without a lot of entertainment options and being the parents of 3 girls we decided we would have to get creative and think up our own fun. We threw a Lord of the Rings Party for our teenager and her friends.
At first the kids were kind of shy about it not wanting to advertise their parents geekdom but by the day of the party it was all the talk at the school lunch table. We had an outdoor showing of the movies and we all dressed up. It was fun and the girls really got creative. Two of my daughters friends showed up in huge boxes, cut and painted like the two towers complete with the "eye" at the top of one. This cute guy hooking up the sound is my hubby as Frodo after Shelob the spider winds him up in her web. We had a Gollum, a Hobbit a Tree Ent Wife and a Uruk Hai in attendance as well as Eowyn and my neighbor who had not seen the movies came bearing chicken wing appetisers and dressed as "Lord of the Wings". Funny!
Now the word is out that we are total nerds and the kids can't wait to throw a Star Wars Party. I guess it is not where you live but what you make of it.