Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fairy Garden to go....

 I needed a costume or something fun to wear for the LasCruces Comicon in September that I am vending at so I made a wearable fairy garden.

I love those little felt top hats I have been seeing all over Pinterest and Etsy so I ordered some hats and bought a new "super hot" (ouch) glue gun and got to work. I made tiny mushrooms and flowers to go with my little door and they all turned out so darn cute. It looks heavy but it is not and stays put with two hair clips glued on the bottom. I may start selling the little clay pieces as craft supplies after I get these shows finished and I have some time for experimenting. The finished hat is 4.5" wide and about 3.5" tall so it is a miniature wonderland.

It was a lot of fun to put together and now I can take my Fairy Garden with me.