Thursday, September 20, 2012


I love some of the "new" colors in Premo. Particularly the wasabi green and peacock pearl. I am almost out of this cane and I keep stretching it because I do not want to use it all up. It goes from large items to smaller items and then finally I use the last bits to cover pens. I love how you can keep adjusting the canes to each project so there is hardly any waste.
When I first started with polymer I had a scrap bucket that was gallon sized and full. Now I am scrounging for scrap clay and always running out. I guess  that means I am getting better at reducing canes and liking more of my designs.
Now if I just had more hours in the day. So much clay, so many colors, so much FUN !

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am recuperating from my rattle snake bite and was lucky to get this commissioned piece to work on for a client. She is going to use it as a latch on a bag. It was a great diversion from my sore leg and I am in LOVE with her. I was sent this HUGE gem that is so heavy and fits in the palm of your hand. It is gorgeous and I was a bit nervous about messing with it but I think the muse was with me and it turned out wonderful.
I will be keeping my eyes out for a "little" gem of my own.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Mexico BITES!

I had a surreal and painful experience this week. I was bitten by a rattlesnake! I still cannot believe it happened. It was a baby which they tell me is the worst due to extra neuro-toxins in the venom and the babies cannot control the output of venom so they give it their all.
 It was scary but I got to the hospital in about 20 minutes after it happened and they were able to start giving me anti-venom immediately. You can see in the picture the purple and red splotches and the pen marks where the swelling was traveling. This is two days after and it had gone down quite a bit. It looked like I had a tennis ball under my skin on my foot.
I have never felt such pain with the exception of childbirth and I am sore all the way to the top of my leg. Pretty vicious for such a little creature. He only had one itty bitty rattle but man what a wicked little beast! We did kill it and took it to the ER with us so they could identify it.
2 days in the Intensive Care Unit and 11 vials of anti-venom but I am going to be fine. I do think I deserve some snake superpowers and I am waiting to see if any manifest. Lol. Until then, I am on crutches and as soon as I can walk I am going to buy me some Snake Boots!

My thanks go out to the wonderful nurses and Dr.'s at GCRMC in Alamogordo and to all of the folks at poison control. Also to my incredible neighbors who took us to the hospital and took care of my family while I was away. I am forever grateful and blessed to have all of  you.