Friday, July 29, 2011


I have just been accepted into the Las Cruces NM
Renaissance Arts Faire. My kiddos are excited as we have to decorate my booth in the theme and we have to wear Renaissance Garb. Should be FUN! We have until November to get our costumes and decor so we are busy deciding what to do.

Meanwhile I picked up a copy of "Mixed Media Mosaics" by Laurie Mika

What a fun book with some beautiful  artwork and great techniques.
Here is a pendant I made inspired by Laurie's book and the Renaissance Faire. The crown is a wood cutout not clay although......I might have to think on that idea.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bug Season

It's that time of year down here in the desert when all of the creepy crawlies come out.

This is my way of facing my fear.
I hate bugs but I must admit that I am also fascinated by them. They are so intricate and come in the most amazing colors. I look at them while goosebumps are rising on the back of my neck and I fight the urge to run away screaming and flailing my arms. I am trying very hard to coexist with the little creatures. As long as they stay out of the house we are good.