Sunday, October 4, 2009

I never know what to "blog" about.
I always feel kind of uncomfortable writing about myself. I started my blog so that people could find my artwork when I was not vending at shows.
I joined esty shortly after and so my blog became secondary and kind of a back up.
I am going to try to be a better blogger after my big move.
Here is some news on my big move.... This is a picture of the New Mexico, White Sands balloon festival held a couple of weekends ago in Alamogordo, NM.
This will be my new home. Ahhhh! I have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah my whole life. This is an adventure of enormous proportions for me and my family. Alamogordo is a very small city compared to SL.
I hear they have lots of festivals so I will continue to be able to set up my little clay booth and sell my art.
My kids are kind of excited for a change and my hubby has a great new job so all will be ok.
I have to thank everyone who was so supportive during our transition and for those scary months when we were without a job and insurance and pretty much terrified of what the future held for us.
I can't wait to get settled into our new home and meet new friends and see where my art takes me next.
I will miss my friends in SL and all of my market friends (You know who you are!) and the great experiences I shared with the wonderful art community in Utah. You are an amazing bunch and I hope we will cross paths again.
Talk to you all when we get settled. Thanks and BE HAPPY !

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