Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday Portals

They're here...
Holiday Portals in time for Thanksgiving.
Lots of you have requested a portal for your "elf on a shelf". These might do the trick.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Pain , No Gain

Yesterday I said my Orange wall sounded "yucky". Not that any of you care what my walls look like but I have to share my orange wall.

I used to paint my house whenever the mood the struck me. I would change colors whenever we got tired of the old colors which could be quite frequent. I used to paint other peoples walls too. Murals, colors, whatever. Well, I was younger too. I painted this wall yesterday and it is a pretty good size wall. It is texured in that orange peel type texture which I have never dealt with. This is a stucko town. Every wall in New Mexico must be stucko or some textured version. Anyway, it is a lot more work to get the paint into the texture.

I used a dark yellow base then went over the whole thing with a dragging brush and a rag in a burnt umber glaze. The glazing part took about 2 and a half hours. I finished up, cleaned up and went to put my paint away. I reached up and thought my arm was going to fall off. Oooo the burn in my shoulder.Oh my. I have not been able to move my arm for two days. I guess I am out of painting shape. Like I said, I used to be younger too.

I love my ORANGE wall !



We are getting settled in our new home.

It does not quite feel like home yet. I need color on my walls for it to be familiar. I did paint my living room orange yesterday. It sounds yucky but it turned out very colorful and we love it. Makes us happy.

This is the view from the front porch. The sunsets here are so amazingly beautiful that it makes up for the lack of grass and trees that I am missing.

There are other kinds of beauty here in the desert and I look forward to see what all of the growing things do in the spring.

I will post more as I slowly get unpacked. I did find my clay and I am starting to work on some fairy portals for the holiday elves.

Until then, Thanks ! xoxoxox