Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Bouquets

These are some beading components that I will be making into necklaces as soon as I gather some pretties to go with them. They have loops on the back for dangles and embellishments.

I am experimenting with the best way to hold them together and think I have it figured out. I have cut a clay backing template and then set the flowers onto that. I need to complete one and have my daughter wear it for a quality control test. 

I usually embed crystals into the clay by pushing them in to create a little bezel.  With this batch I tried the "hot fix" crystals from firemountaing gems. I still pushed them into the clay but think the heat activated adhesive will really hold them in well.

I think I will try to get a tutorial together for these but I have never done one here on my blog so I am trying to figure that out as well. I have so many clay ideas that I am trying to figure out that it is really distracting me from the laundry pile down the hallway. Oh, well, the laundry is not going anywhere and I really need to figure this clay project out or I just can't give the laundry my full 100 % and then the quality of the laundry suffers.
(This is my defense and I am sticking with it.)
Have a Happy Day!!!


Mila said...

I like your way of sttting filigree components as hooks! It looks very nice and rich. Usuallu I made my loops with wire, but you do it perfect!

surfingcat said...

They are very pretty, I look forward to seeing some finished necklaces.

I take it you heat activated the crystals just by baking them with the clay.

I made the mistake recently of writing a tutorial for my blog which I saved as a PDF file but couldn't find a way to add it to my blog easily. I hoped to just copy and paste it onto blogger but the pictures and the links weren't there and it would have taken ages to reload them. I ended up using to publish it and then embeded it onto my site from there. I am sure someone else knows a better way to do it but I would work it out before you start writing it! Look forward to seeing a tutorial!

Kim Detmers said...

Hi, Your finished piece is very beautiful! Gorgeous beadwork. I have learned there is always more than one way to do things with equally wonderful results.

Thanks for commenting!

surfingcat said...

Oh I forgot to say I loved your laundry defense! Must remember that one ;)

Kim Detmers said...

Hi Surfingcat,
Correct on the heat by baking. They make me feel more secure that they won't pop out and then I don't have take take them out and glue them back in. Saves a few steps.

Thanks so much for the blog/tutorial heads up. I will definitely put it to use. I am a total mess at technology. Problems with my RAM...(ReadOwnersManual)

Pam said...

Kim, these are just beautiful! I want them all! LOL

Pam said...
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Kim Detmers said...

Thanks Pam!
I want them all too which is kind of counter productive because I made them to sell them. Aghhh! I guess I will have to keep at least one.

Sue C said...

I really like these, the colors and the way they go together. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the tutorial, Smiles

Kim Detmers said...

Hi Sue, Thanks! I was thinking some creamy white flowers would look good too. Might try some.