Monday, June 28, 2010


I made bugs this last weekend.

I saw a Vinegaroon in my backyard last week and it was the creepiest crawler I have ever laid eyes on. Anyway, it inspired me to make some cute friendly non-creepy crawlers.
I have not made bugs like these for a few years so it was fun to revisit the bug mode.


Desert Rubble said...

Vinegaroon huh? I thought you were pulling my leg so I had to google it, I'm pretty creeped out now and I see a lot of bugs around here, too. So thanks lol

LOVE your bugs Kim, love all your stuff actually, but I really love the soft muted colors on some of these though, especially the green and purple, love that purple :)


Kim Detmers said...

Thanks Lynn!

About the Vinegaroon, ...I did not put a link because I did not want everyone to have nightmares. LOL

Apparently it is a good bug. They eat cockroaches and scorpions.

Desert Rubble said...

lmao I'm a big gardener of ornamentals mainly and had to see the bug! I didn't read about it, though, so it's OK, so long as it's good. :)


Sue C said...

But Vinegaroons are the good guys, LOL. As long as you have Vinegaroons around, you won't have scorpions or other nasties that might really hurt you. My Mom and Dad lived in NM at White Sands in the 50's and were fortunate enough to have a Vinegaroon in their house, which they were repeatedly offered lots of money to sell to other Army personnel (although they are, indeed, incredibly ugly and stink--like vinegar--they're truly the good guys). I love your colorful bugs though, much better than the real ones, LOL. Smiles

Kim Detmers said...

In the house? I would never sleep! Glad to have a "good bug" report though from someone who has had one before. I never knew they existed until I moved here. We are learning a lot about the desert.