Saturday, November 6, 2010

What a Mess!

It is no longer an "Organised" Mess.
Honestly... look at the tiny space in the front of my table that I work on. I have so much stuff spread out that I am working in a 6" space.

Time to clean off the work table. Maybe I will find some stuff I have been missing.

My kids would say..."Mom, time to clean your habitat."
Have a good weekend everyone! I will be busy straightening up.


Jackie said...

I smiled when I saw your photo, but I totally know what you're going through. It's hard to be creative in only 6 inches! (Although when I made that same comment recently, someone said, "Six inches! That's a lot!" and said they end up working in the air over their table! LOL.

I did something in my Claypen that helped a lot - I added a small shelf right over my workspace. That's where I keep my DVD player... I have a photo of it on my Flickr if you'd like to look. Good luck with your cleanup! ~Jackie

Kim Detmers said...

That is so funny Jackie. I knew all of you artists would relate. Your space is so tidy.
I added a shelf next to my table and I promptly junked it up too. Haa ha.

Thanks for the motivation. I can use it!

coltpixy said...

You mean this is not the way it is supposed to look? Because if it is not then I am in trouble. *grins*

Kim Detmers said...

So nice to know I am not alone in my clutter.

Dlsarmywife said...

Kim, you are most definitely NOT alone!!! Early this year my hubby bought me an amazing 'L'-shaped workstation...and yeah I am currently working in about 6 inches of it as well! (and yeah, I'll be cleaning right along side you! Gotta get started on some snowflake ornaments for a customer) I wish I was a tidier person! :-(

Anonymous said...

Looks very much like my work area, Kim! I clean my work area but I always end up with 6 inches to work in after awhile. lol
Plus, I have clay all over the place...guess I don't want to take time to tidy up a bit when I am in a creative roll.

Mª Reyes said...

haces unos trabajos muy lindos. Me he hecho seguidora tuya. Besos desde Barcelona (España)

shiborigirl said...

Oh, you are SO not alone! My space is so messy I've been avoiding it. I really must suck it up and get in there.

Yours in creative clutter :)