Friday, February 4, 2011


We moved here 1 yr ago and they told us we would love it because it does not snow here. Comming from Utah where it snows a lot we thought great, we won't miss the cold.

Here we are.... Day two without heat and now no water. The lines are frozen because they have shut off the gas.

We kept warm last night all wrapped up in electric blankets. Thank goodness the power is still on. I drove all over town and not an electric heater to be found.

The bad part is that we cannot leave. They are going house to house to turn your gas back on and if you are not gas. ??????!!!!!!!!!

Trying to be brave but it is COLD!!!  minus  - 12 last night. My kids are troopers and we are all ok but it does not look like we will heat again tonight. A little frustrated that we cannot leave the house. Folks in the middle of town have heat and water so I do not know why only some of us are affected.  Well...this is the part of life that is the adventure.  I am missing Utah right now. At least they were equipped to deal with the freeze.


Arlene Harrison said...

I feel your pain Kim! I live in Mississippi and don't even OWN an overcoat! Today, however, I came to work in one of my late husband's wool coats. Big and sloppy looking but I DON'T CARE! We too are not equipped for cold weather!

Kim Detmers said...

I know a lot of people are going through bad weather situations. I just wish we could leave and go get warm but they won't turn our gas back on if we are not here.

Kim Detmers said...

Yeah! The gas man cometh. They just got our heat back on so we don't have to spend another cold night.
Now if the water would unfreeze we will be in good shape.We were melting snow in the microwave so we could flush the toilets. LOL

Lupe Meter said...

Feel for you Kim. I talked to my folks and some of them didn't have gas, water or power in Las Cruces. It has never been that cold there that I can remember. It snowed once about 3-4 inches but we still had power and gas. Crazy weather! I lost all of my potted plants here in Phoenix, no way to keep them warm with the freeze. I have been down with a virus infection for a whole week. I am dying to play with clay but with a runny nose and watery eyes...kind of hard to mix colors and play with clay. 8(
Keep warm! Glad you got your gas back on!

Kim Detmers said...

Get feeling better Lupe.

Joyce said...

Hi, found you blog after meeting you up in Cloudcroft. That winter was hard on us all, very unusual. I am a native but live in Alamogordo for only 11 years. Snow (which I hate!) is rare and never so much before. Let's hope to watch it on the mt. and not get any this winter! Joyce