Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Desert Rubble on Polymer Cafe

My April 2011 issue arrived today and I thought what a great cover!  As I was flipping through the pages I came across the artist profile and thought what beautiful and fun creations. Then I noticed her dragonfly and hey.... "I know that bug!" It is Lynn a.k.a. Desert Rubble. WOW!
Funny, I saw her picture on the cover and her beautiful pendant and did not know it was Lynn until I spotted her Dragonfly Avatar. Now I feel officially introduced.  Lynn is always so supportive and leaves the nicest comments here.

Without babbling on I just want to say....Congratulations! What a fun spin on steampunk and I love your style.

Check out Desert Rubble a.k.a. Lynn on Artfire and she also has a wonderful blog

I am in LOVE with that Piranah Fishie!  Great job Lynn! Keep inspiring us!


Flowermouse Design said...

Oh, I saw that article and I was so amazed by her work. Simply fantastic way!! And I enjoyed that the magazine wrote about it too!!!

Desert Rubble said...

lol on the bug Kim! I know your bugs, too ;P Thank you so much for all the kind words, you are so sweet!

Kim Detmers said...

Us bugs have to stick together.