Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has Arrived

At dusk yesterday as we were outside enjoying the beautiful New Mexican sunset we saw a whole swarm of these on our lilac bush.

We thought they were hummingbirds at first but at closer inspection discovered that they were some kind of moth.

They flitted around and looked drunk with nectar. It was beautiful and I am so happy to have Spring arrive in the desert!


Anonymous said...

I've seen those moths before... I think we looked up info on them once, but I can't remember much of it LOL. I think they're called hummingbird moths, though- LOL! :D

Kim Detmers said...

Hi Taylor,
I knew someone would know what they were. I was waiting for a "don't get near them, they are dangerous and will bite!" Lol. They did look like hummingbirds.
Thanks for the info and have a happy spring!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, and happy spring to you, too! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, those are called hummingbird moths. They've been a fave of mine since early childhood.

Truly a sweet sign that Spring is here!


Desert Rubble said...

a sphinx moth! There are quite a few different species, some are unbelievably gorgeous, some are pretty drab. There are plants that can only be pollinated by one of these because it requires their super long thingy to get inside the flower. I like seeing them fly but when they're folded up and sitting on a plant, eeew, it's one big bug lol