Thursday, September 20, 2012


I love some of the "new" colors in Premo. Particularly the wasabi green and peacock pearl. I am almost out of this cane and I keep stretching it because I do not want to use it all up. It goes from large items to smaller items and then finally I use the last bits to cover pens. I love how you can keep adjusting the canes to each project so there is hardly any waste.
When I first started with polymer I had a scrap bucket that was gallon sized and full. Now I am scrounging for scrap clay and always running out. I guess  that means I am getting better at reducing canes and liking more of my designs.
Now if I just had more hours in the day. So much clay, so many colors, so much FUN !

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Cath Ü said...

i just found your blog via Pinterest... and I wanted to tell you I think your work is fantastic... you are amazing.
Cath Ü