Friday, September 7, 2012

New Mexico BITES!

I had a surreal and painful experience this week. I was bitten by a rattlesnake! I still cannot believe it happened. It was a baby which they tell me is the worst due to extra neuro-toxins in the venom and the babies cannot control the output of venom so they give it their all.
 It was scary but I got to the hospital in about 20 minutes after it happened and they were able to start giving me anti-venom immediately. You can see in the picture the purple and red splotches and the pen marks where the swelling was traveling. This is two days after and it had gone down quite a bit. It looked like I had a tennis ball under my skin on my foot.
I have never felt such pain with the exception of childbirth and I am sore all the way to the top of my leg. Pretty vicious for such a little creature. He only had one itty bitty rattle but man what a wicked little beast! We did kill it and took it to the ER with us so they could identify it.
2 days in the Intensive Care Unit and 11 vials of anti-venom but I am going to be fine. I do think I deserve some snake superpowers and I am waiting to see if any manifest. Lol. Until then, I am on crutches and as soon as I can walk I am going to buy me some Snake Boots!

My thanks go out to the wonderful nurses and Dr.'s at GCRMC in Alamogordo and to all of the folks at poison control. Also to my incredible neighbors who took us to the hospital and took care of my family while I was away. I am forever grateful and blessed to have all of  you.


Lupe Meter said... scary Kim!! I am so glad you are doing well. I used to work for USDA some 30 plus years ago and came across too many to count when I was doing pest surveys for them but thankfully was never bitten. They gave us a snake bit kit but I suppose if I had to use it back then, I probably would have. Glad you are okay. Will be praying for total healing. Take care of yourself.

Kim Detmers said...

Thanks Lupe! I was wondering what they put in a snake bite kit. They told me to just keep the appendage still and get to the ER.
( I guess my running around freaking out was not the correct protocol.Lol)

Norma's Clay said...

Oh God! Terrible! I hope you get better soon. S are my enemies. I really don't like them. Here in Puerto Rico we have small "garden" sn... I have seen some and just yesterday I had a close encounter ( my back yard) with one. I believe they don't bite nor have venom but I just dislike them very much. Can't imagine what you went through. Rest and get better.

Its All About Creating said...

I'm glad you are OK. What an ordeal! It looks so painful. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.-Marlene

Kim Detmers said...

Hi Norma,
Yes be careful in the garden. I was more afraid of the bugs here but now I am kind of scared to go outside at all. I will be very cautious from now on.
It was night time and dark but I have seen them in the daytime too. Funny thing though,lots of people who have lived here their whole lives say I am the only one they know who has been bitten. I am just glad it was not one of my kiddos or dogs. We were all out there. I took one for the team. Lol

Kim Detmers said...

Thanks Marlene!

Nicole S. Dettmar said...

AGH! Keep healing well.

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Oh my goodness Kim, how very scary! I'm so glad you are doing better each day, and I wish you a speedy recovery. Snake boots are a VERY good idea.

You'll have to let us know if any of those snake superpowers manifest... You DO deserve at least some after your ordeal!!! lol.

Kim Detmers said...

I will keep you possssted if any ssssuperpowers reveal themssssselvesssss.

The Viehweg's said...

Oh my gosh Kim! That is so scary, I'm so glad you're okay! I never saw a single snake while in NM.

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

Aye-yi-yi! I've been whining about a Rottweiler bite that's kept me from claying for the past couple weeks, but crikey a snakebite is so much worse. Wow. I saw my first Timber Rattler last summer, so I know how easy it is to come across them. But getting bitten? Gee, that's scary! Hope it heals quickly.

Kim Detmers said...

Getting bit by anything is scary!
Hope you are feeling better.
Be careful out there everyone. :)

Joyce said...

I am so sorry this happened but so happy you are ok! I have lived in southern NM all my life and rarely heard anyone who actually got bitten. I have always heard that the small once can't control their poison so they are the worst bites. Good to hear that the folks at GCRMC did a good job.

Kim Detmers said...

Thanks Joyce.
It took two months but my foot is back to normal and I am okay. I have a new fear/facination of snakes and I am a little upset that no superpowers have manifested but all is good.
I appreciate everyones well wishes and don't forget to wear your snakeboots.